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Atypique Concept Store

01/14/2018 22:17:00   In Annonces  
Situé au coeur de Namur, Atypique Concept Store vous propose en exclusité les bijoux créés par Vi-Lène, une marque "made in Belgium".

And if the Birkenstock were timeless

12/29/2017 03:49:53   In Annonces  

Collection automne-hiver 2017

11/27/2017 18:34:36   In Annonces  
Nouvelle collection automne-hiver 2017. Prêt-à-porter haute de gamme pour hommes.


11/20/2017 12:03:34   In Annonces  
Atténuez vos rondeurs grâce au froid. Dessinez une silhouette plus harmonieuse, grâce à un procédé non invasif.

Gil Galway

11/06/2017 00:10:27   In Stories  
Située en plein centre-ville de Bruxelles, la boutique Gil Galway propose aux hommes une mode poétique, élégante et colorée.

Chama Farez

10/27/2017 11:01:04   In Stories  
Boutique de prêt-à-porter masculin haut de gamme, Prenez rendez-vous chez votre créatrice de mode dans la région de Waterloo. Chemise, pull

Men -30% IMPERIAL trousers

07/19/2017 14:10:17   In Deals  
You will find clothes (dresses, trousers, jackets, etc), accessories (jewelry, bags, gloves ...) an art gallery, Malagasy handicrafts and mouth produ


07/18/2017 17:01:27   In Annonces  
Premium brand "Made in Italy", IMPERIAL imposes a personalyzed style and stand out in the world of fashion dress.
Atypique Concept Store presents you

What is a concept store?

07/15/2017 19:10:20   In Blog  
Le concept store peut se définir de cette façon : déco, mode, sport, lingerie, voire alimentation. L’objectif est de réunir dans un même endroit...

Wedding ceremony

07/09/2017 17:29:53   In Annonces  
Chama Farez s’occupe de votre mariage. Elégance et modernité sont les maîtres-mots.

Tailor made suit

06/18/2017 23:19:38   In Annonces  
Our costumes embody the modern masculine elegance with exceptional fabrics, Italian and French. Our house will make you adopt its contemporary vision

Diner in the sky

06/12/2017 12:11:10   In Blog  
Dinner in the Sky makes its comeback in Brussels for 10 days. You will needThe stomach well hung to enjoy your gourmet dinner perched 50m from the gro

- 20% de réduction

05/29/2017 11:42:28   In Deals  
- 20% discount n your 1st visit. Orphée uses products from Wella, Sebastian and Oway,an organic brand that uses essential oils, hydrolates, micronized

- 25% de réduction

05/26/2017 16:47:24   In Deals  
Réduction de 20% pour votre première visite. Laetitia Mangeot est massothérapeute de formation. Elle vous accueille dans une ambiance feutrée.

What kind of swimsuit for this summer?

04/11/2017 13:14:23   In Blog  
The beautiful days are already felt and each of us is already looking for the swimsuit that will put his body in value. Here is a selection of trendy

A few tips

03/31/2017 12:13:03   In Blog  

The blunt bob

03/31/2017 10:34:19   In Blog  
Enough of your long hair refined and tarnished by winter time ? Why don't you eopt for the short haircut, you will see it everywhere this spring !

The total black look

03/30/2017 12:22:52   In Blog  
The total black look. The new trendy colour in the fashion industry. The "total black look" has become in a short time the unavoidable look in the...

Brussels Festival of Electro Music and Innovation

03/30/2017 11:20:24   In Blog  
A must for electro music lovers !
Most of the festival will take place during the night of Saturday 1st April at the Brussels Meeting Center of Mont

Flowery print for this spring

03/27/2017 10:44:24   In Blog  
Flowery print for this spring. It returns more strongly. Here are the first rays of sunshine, our dressing is filled again with flowery prints. This..