40 days without eating meat

After the mineral day, here are the 40 meatless days

 Less weight, lower cholesterol, a better intestinal transit, less risk of diseases...

Those are the benefits for our body if we reduce our meat consumption 

The new "Meatless Days" challenge began this Wednesday, March 1, 2017. What is the main goal of this challenge? Do not eat meat or at least reduce its consumption for 40 days.

According to Michaël Sels, the chief dietician of UZ Antwerp hospital, Belgians consume the double or sometimes triple of the daily recommended quantity which is 100 gr.

Even if our body needs enough iron and protein, eating less meat still have a lot of benefits for our health! When you reduce your number of calories and fats, you will start losing weight and see your cholesterol levels drop. What more could you ask for?

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But that's not all: not eating meat (or eating less) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes but also some type of cancers. Obviously, the meat must be replaced with healthy foods, full of protein, iron and vitamins in order to keep our body healthy.

However, farmers are the worst victims of this challenge. Indeed, the livestock sector is very important in Wallonia and this challenge could lead to a danger for their activities.