Argan oil

A natural beauty treatment full of benefits

Originally from Morocco or Algeria, argan oil is produced from the fruit of the argan tree. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, this precious oil has many virtues for everyday use. Enough to make you follow this one!

 For a smoother skin than ever 

Argan oil nourishes the skin deeply and is therefore an effective treatment for skin elasticity! It moisturizes dry skin by providing nutrients needed to soothe skin irritations. It is also an excellent remedy to prevent skin aging.

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For silky hair 

Tired of dry and rough hair? This is a simple, cheap, but mostly effective solution! Simply apply the argan oil on the whole length of the hair and leave it to settle like a mask before rinsing (the ideal is to leave it to settle all night). If your goal is to have long hair, put it on the scalp all night. And it works for eyelashes too! What to delight more than one!

 For a perfect complexion

Using argan oil for tanning? It's possible! On a slightly matte skin and of course not forgetting to put a sun protection before! And the advantage is that the skin comes out soft, no need to moisturize it after the shower!

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For a beautiful manicure

The properties of argan oil make it possible to fortify brittle and fragile nails. You can also apply it on your cuticles and around the nail. Goodbye to the dead skins!