Coworking in Brussels

Working in shared spaces

Launched in 2005 in the United States, shared work spaces flourish more and more in Belgium. Self-employed are looking for optimal, user-friendly and deep-seated workspaces! But some stand out for their design, decoration or other details that make a difference. Those are one of our favourites places that would almost make us want to work there.

coworking brussels

Silversquare and its chefs' restaurant

At Silversquare, we can rent flexible, fixed, private or day offices, divided into three buildings in Brussels but it is not the only place! If we focus more on the  Avenue Louise, we will be surprised to be able to benefit from a new-generation of self-service catering designed by ... starred chefs! What a prestige!

coworking brussels

La Venture and its creative environment 

Smaller, more cosy but pleasantly decorated. Here, we meet independent creative professionals: photographer, videographer, art director, graphic designer, ... We walk through offices, photo studios and relaxation area very green and refined.

coworking brussels

The Library and its design setting 

We love it for its Scandinavian and prestigious design. They are Three addresses in Brussels that breathe the state of the art: heated furniture, view from the garden, zen spaces. Chic, white and refined, this is the perfect place to work in a refined environment.