David Naman is the result of a tailoring background developed over time, combined with innovation, research and dynamism. If you are a true lover of style and class, the Italian fashion label David Naman is the one to wear.

The attention to the world around, to what’s happening, to the changing society, is David Naman’s objective to make sure to be always current.

David Naman is the answer to the COSMOPOLITAN men: active, always looking for the total look ( from pants, shirts and jackets to shoes, underwear and perfume) with an international taste of the Italian style. 

You can also find the cosmopolitan concept of the clothes in the look and feel of the shops: black / sexy pictures / tight. A dark interior with spots aimed on the clothes. The walls are decorated with black&white retro pictures of actors and actresses

To observe, create and mix fabrics and styles in order to create something unique and noticeable. That is our mission.

The clothes store for men is located in Avenue Louise, in Brussels.

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Vêtements pour hommes - David Naman

Avenue Louise 102. 1050, Bruxelles
02 503 08 36
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David Naman

Is the name of founder  and designer of the brand, that communicates sophistication, individuality and style, and has been setting trends in fashionable Milan since 1996 thanks to the strong character & quality of the man’s collections.

David Naman garments are designed for a cosmopolitan man, who is not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries. All fashion collections have a recognizable style but, at the same time, the versatility of the David Naman product gives to the customer the freedom to respect their own personality, defined by its ‘slim fit’ line.

The mission of the Company is research, design and create a unique product for men.

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vetement hommes bruxelles


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Opening hours

Monday 10:30 18:30
Tuesday 10:30 18:30
Wednesday 10:30 18:30
Thursday 10:30 18:30
Friday 10:30 18:30
Saturday 10:30 18:30
Sunday 0:00 0:00

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