STANLEY GRIL restaurant proposes you a colonial and continental gastronomic journey.

Our cuisine is based on grills in the wood fire, with mature meats of more than 28 days "Dry-Aged", and other kinds a bit more "exotic" like crocodile or goat.
The maturation of the meat makes it more delicious and improves its organoleptic and gustative qualities, and makes it softer.

Besides our dry-aged meats, we propose you a catering service, take-away of sandwiches at lunch time.

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Stanley Grill

Rue d'Anvers 47. 1000, Bruxelles
0479 39 29 63

Heures d'ouverture

Lundi 11:30 15:00
Mardi 11:30 15:00
Mercredi 11:30 0:00
Jeudi 11:30 0:00
Vendredi 11:30 0:00
Samedi 18:00 0:00
Dimanche 0:00 0:00