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Chama Farez, Private Tailoring

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About Chama Farez

Fashion designer, Chama Farez has established herself as an emblematic figure of high-end ready-to-wear for men, corporate, B2B or individuals. A woman on the ground, it is often at home, in your company that she draws her inspiration. Or in the many international fairs specializing in textiles in which it participates. 

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How Chama Farez uses Shopinbelgium

Question to Chama: why are you using Shopinbelgium?

"The previous website cost me a fortune and even, I was not satisfied. Also, it took weeks to get online. I was a bit desperate and I found in a team of passionate professionals that understood my requirements. They work fast, my website was online in a few days. Also, I always get from the support team a quick solution to any issue that could occur with the website.”

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