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Our modern platform will enables you to build your brand, share your stories, increase your customers loyalty, grow your audience in an impactful and beautiful online presence.


Create Professional Email Marketing Campaigns

With a Shopinbelgium website you can send effective email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and drive traffic to your fitness club website.


Powerful Email Marketing Features that Connect You to Your Audience

Easy Editing

  • Take a great design and make it yours with a simple editing experience. Add an image to grab attention, link to relevant content, or use a button to drive clicks and engagement.
  • Play with fonts, colors, backgrounds and videos to spread the word just the way you want.
shopinbelgium • Image and Text
shopinbelgium • Image and Text

Responsive design

Reach your audience no matter where they are. All layouts are made with Shopinbelgium’s responsive designs, so your emails will look great whether they’re viewed on mobile or desktop.

Audience Management

  • Grow
    Build your mailing list by adding a newsletter block or promotional pop-up to your site or a subscribe option at checkout.
  • Manage
    View your customers, subscribers, donors, and members in the Profiles panel.
  • Engage
    Build and save segments to create a custom audience and send targeted email campaigns.
shopinbelgium • Image and Text
shopinbelgium • Image and Text

Integrated analytics

Measure, analyze, and refine with native email marketing analytics.

  • Real-time
    See how your campaign is performing while it’s still live.
  • The whole picture
    Analyze the metrics that matter most, see your delivery rate, open rate and clicks.
  • Learn
    Email analytics work in tandem with your website’s analytics, making it easy to see organic vs. marketing traffic..

Get up to 7 Times More Site Traffic Using Shopinbelgium Email Marketing Campaigns