Droguerie Le Lion

What will you find in our shop?

We offer cleaning products, cleaning and DIY to intervene anywhere in your home and more!
You will find more than 4500 useful articles:

Furniture restoration and DIY (wide range of products for floors, wooden furniture, floors), chemicals, solvents, glassware …)

Natural soaps (Aleppo soap, Marseille soap), brushes, stoppers, gloves, pipettes, vials, essential oils, glues, detergents …)

Equipment for laboratory and pharmacy (Pyrex glass products, flasks, powder compacts, funnels, Erlenmeyer flasks, crystallizers, beakers, test tubes, petri dishes, porcelain mortars, cork stoppers …)

Artistic material (sticky paint, gilding, gouache, acrylic oil painting, pallets, spatulas, brushes, linen and cotton canvas, decorative paints, painting on glass and stained glass, painting for ceramics, painting for textiles , varnish, modeling paste and gel, iridescent glitter and sequins in bulk, graphites, sketches, sepia pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, chalks, charcoals, sanguines, colored pencils, stumps …) …

We can also prepare a 100% natural washing powder, and 2 times cheaper than a traditional laundry!

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Droguerie le Lion
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