Endermology: the anti-cellulite shock weapon

Cellulite, we know about that and many of us are complaining about.

Come test the benefits of draining massage on cellulite at Concept Beauté.

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Endermologie®: what is it ?

Endermologie® is a technique patented by LPG®. It consists of a draining massage high technology version. The benefits of draining massage by mechanical action ("palpate-roll" type) on cellulite have been recognized for several years. It is a machine, the Cellu M6®, which performs this massage thanks to two motorized mobile rollers. This high-tech massage is coupled with a suction system to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Some benefits

The endermologie® sessions also make it possible to temporarily correct the problems of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation favoring the formation of cellulite. They also reduce muscle pain and smooth the skin.

endermologie lpg concept beaute tournai shopinbelgium.be

How does it work ?

One session lasts an average of 30 to 40 minutes. You will be invited to lie down, dressed in a special integral tights named Endermowear®. We will then use the machine on the areas affected by cellulite: thighs, thighs, buttocks ... The combination of a massage and controlled suction can act on the skin, and on the accumulation of fat, cellulite, located just below. The intensity of massage and suction can be changed depending on the area treated and the type of cellulite present. It is usually an adipose cellulitis (soft and localized) or fibrous (hard and painful). After several manipulations, the fat cells eventually fall out of their place, making the cellulite much less visible.

What are the results?

After a treatment of 2 sessions per week for one month you will see:

- a more refined sillouhette
- Smoother and firmer skin
- a loss of one size on average (if the treated areas are hip circumference)

endermologie lpg concept beaute tournai shopinbelgium.be

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Concept Beauté by Lisa
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