Wine bar & oenology classes

Wine bar

A few steps from the famous Place du jeu de Balle, in the heart of the popular Marolles district, in Brussels, a newcomer is already talking a lot about him. His name ? The Wine Bar Studio 126. A special place, which will appeal to wine lovers, hungry for good bottles and curious about discoveries.


Band of friends, afterwork colleagues, young couples: the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of the place attracts a varied customer base.


If the wine bar has everything to become the new Marollois epicurean landmark, it's also thanks to its superb wine list.


You will also discover orange wines (Gravener, Damijan Podversic and Radikon). Prosecco Coletti, a sparkling natural wine from the family estate Coletti - Via Larghe 01 - Old-fashioned Prosecco, dry and sulphite free.

Oenology course

Studio 126 regularly organizes events, as well as oenology classes and wine tastings.


Oenologist by training, Massimo Coletti, the manager of the wine cellar and wine bar, specializes in Italian wines and French wines (more than 150 references). He also has knowledge of Belgian wines and Portuguese wines.


Attention is paid to the best wines of the Italian Barolo, Loire, Burgundy, and the orange wines vinified in amphora (Gravener, Radikon and Damijan Podversic).


You can discover a very wide selection dedicated to natural wines, biodynamic and organic quality.

Contact us

Wine bar Studio 126

0477 057 075

Rue Blaes 126

1000 Brussels

Wine bar Studio 126
Opening hours
  • Monday:
    10.30 am - 06.30 pm
  • Tuesday:
    10.30 am - 06.30 pm
  • Wednesday:
    10.30 am - 06.30 pm
  • Thursday:
    10.30 am - 06.30 pm
  • Friday:
    10.30 am - 06.30 pm
  • Saturday:
    10.30 am - 06.30 pm


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