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A contemporary vision of traditional custom-made

Whether it is because of your morphology or a particular desire, attention to detail or the quest for unparalleled comfort, Chama Farez offers tailor-made suits that meet your expectations and requirements. Our costumes embody the modern masculine elegance with exceptional fabrics, Italian and French. Our house will make you adopt its contemporary vision of traditional custom-made. Advised by our tailors, you will be led to create an inimitable style, yours!

To know...

To make your costume even more unique and personal, you will have the opportunity to choose your cut in the smallest details, buttons, linings, or embroidered initials. To make everything perfect, two fittings will be necessary. Deliveries are between 3 and 4 weeks. Custom-made clothing, suit, jacket, coat

We take our measures

A real highlight of the order of your first costume Chama Farez, it takes an hour of taking measure to realize your patronage. Besides the many measurements required, our tailor will modify your patronage so that your costume adapts to your morphology. We will correct if necessary your shoulder symmetry as well as different points of your body attitude. All measurements from your boss are kept at our workshop to facilitate your subsequent orders.

You chose the fabrics

Selecting the fabric for your custom suit is the first step. You have the choice between different materials, weaves, thicknesses, colors ... We have new trendy fabrics every season.

You make it unique

Personalize the back of the collar, buttons, cuffs, thread color, etc. Discover our many options!

Because for us we care about detail and work well done, and we want to take the time to welcome you, we ask you to make an appointment. You will be welcomed in a quiet and friendly atmosphere in our shop located in Dion Valmont (Chaumont-Gistoux), a few minutes drive from Wavre, Ottignies and Louvain-la-Neuve. Tel: +32.475.38.75.81 or +

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Chama Farez - Private tailoring

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Chama Farez Private tailoring
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