Thaï and Tao massage

Awaken your senses and rediscover your body!

Thai and Tao massages are forms of meditation on the body and the mind. In the practice of these massages, the body and mind are intimately linked. The inner well-being brings serenity and eventually a physical balance. In this practice the vital energy circulates in our bodies thanks to the "sen". The main goal of these practices will therefore be to improve the energy flow in our bodies. In this case, we are talking about the sexual energy contained in our bodies. Thai and Tao massages allow you to please yourself while adding tenderness, love and sensuality. Beyond this sensual aspect, it is also a therapeutic tool that will enable you to enjoy your sexuality, to regain your inner well-being but also to treat your cells and your internal organs.

Bring out the negative energy that is within you!

In general, the circulation of energy is slowed down by tensions (nervous,physical), by physical inactivity, contractures, repetive movements and bad positions. When vital energy is blocked, it causes stress, tension, contractures and imbalances. It is therefore necessary to ensure your physicak well-being but also ensure the harmony with your spirit. Indeed, when the mind is in peace the body is even more powerful. Thai and Tao massages consider not only the physical and the mental energy but also the emotional and the spiritual energy. Massages are done on a table or on the ground, it can be done on your entire body or on a specific area of the body.

The ultimate place to go for a sensory experience

Laetitia Mangeot is a young masseuse fascinated by the sense of touch, "Touching, Learning, sharing, giving, receiving, passion, listening, happiness ... that's all I hope to receive and above all give."Given the fact that she has plenty of experience in this field, Thai, tao, foot reflexology, shiatsu, Korean ... have no longer any for her. An incredible facility to awaken your senses and your body, thanks to her gentle touches, you will travel in the world of Pleasure and well-being

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