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Home Deco

We fuse daring creative with impeccable project management

Home Deco provides a custom and multi-disciplinary approach to high-end design. With a one stop solution for a range of designs in hospitality, retail, commercial, and leisure projects.

We are a team of energetic and professional people with experienced managers and talented designers available to guide you , with efficiency and creativity, through any residential design project.

We will provide you the best furniture and accessories for homes and offices.

What we do

  • Interior Design 
  • Interior Architecture
  • Kitchens + Baths
  • Space Planning

  • Custom Cabinetry + Millwork

  • Furniture Selection

  • Custom Furniture

  • Construction Management
  • Branding + Signage
  • Styling + Accessories

Your home is a reflection of your unique style & personalityre-imagine it the way it should be.

Our team of professionals will bring your residential design project to life.




living rooms







Interior design

While the architect builds the house, the designer makes it a home.  The primary objective of our team of designers will be to balance tastefully comfort, appearances and functionality.  The overall goal is to create a space for you to seek refuge from the outside world and to serve as the foundation of your life.

  • Space Planning
  • Designer Sourced Furnishings
  • Construction administration


Commercial design

Stylish and practical space planning for your business is what Home Deco studio is all about. We create accurate scale representations for the interiors of new constructions, renovations, or the redesign of any commercial space. Whether your requirements include complete site plans, only the finishes, electrical and lighting designs, ceiling plans or elevations,
Home Deco studio customizes its design services according to your requirements and budget. 

  • Custom design packages for any sized business
  • Well-designed work environments that reflect your company mission
  • Space planning           


Renovation  & finishing

For either a small or a major project renovation, Home Deco studio can provide resources or work with the contractors you have already hired. Discuss your many options for completion and plans completion during an informative design consultation with our team to discuss the scope of your project. 

  • Renovation of offices
  • Renovation of shops
  • Renovation of houses & apartments



After evaluating the building codes, suggested materials, floor plans, architectural implications of the requested changes, outlines possible risks, we'll carry out the construction process and will bring your project to life. 

Our expertise and knowledge not only help you navigate the complexities of building in an urban center, but also ensure the safe and on time delivery of a high-quality project. 

Through our innovative construction processes and solutions and our extensive trade relationships, we provide cost effective construction projects.

  • Expertise of diver market sectors
  • Innovative construction Processes
  • Cost effective construction projects  

Meet the team

We are a team of  energetic   and  professional people with experienced managers and  talented designers  available to guide you with efficiency and creativity, through any residential design project.

We care about you

Our high skilled team

Sofia Jones (founder + ceo)

Sofia Jones is the founder and creative curator of Home Deco. She steers vision for Home Deco by leading the studio’s methodology and curating design talent. She pairs each client with the right team for a stylish result and a sincere experience.  

Al Berry  (senior lead designer)

Al is our newest recruit and Senior Lead Designer but is no stranger to design and project management with more than 20 years experience working on projects in serveral countries.

Anna Valada (lead designer)

Anna brings 10 years of design experience to her role as Lead Designer at Home Deco. She has a passion for residential and commercial interiors, has worked on a lot of commercial workplace projects for leading famous tech companies. 

Tania Herbert  (associate designer)

Tonia is an associate designer, joining Home Deco from the event management and event design world, bringing with her extraordinary ownership of logistics and a unique ability to transform a space into an experience.

Annie Cordi (executive assistant)

Annie is our Executive Assistant who keeps our trains running on time. She’s both detail oriented and design minded. She's got a huge background in marketing, communications and advertising and joined our team in 2012. 

Fanny Dubois  (assistant designer)

Sonia is the best assistant designer we can dream about. She joined our team in 2019. She holds Master in Integrated Design from the famous New School of Design in Sacramento. Sonia worked in the fashion industry.


Frequently asked questions

Do you have more questions? 

Home decor Interior Design includes professional sourcing. We allow you to choose from the many design possibilities when it comes to: walls, ceilings, finishes for floor, and other elements. This includes everything from lighting fixtures  to plumbing and cabinetry. With so many products on the market and a wide array of styles available, we ensure that your design project will result in a balanced as well as beautiful interior design. 

Whatever your style, our gorgeous 10.000 m2 designer furniture showroom is sure to have what you’re looking for – and if it doesn’t exist, we’ll custom build it.

Contact us


242 Fifth Avenue, Suite J202
New York, N.Y. 10001
[email protected]