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Nathalie Flahaut

I capture my clients unique stories and memories since 1990

Welcome! My name is Nathalie, and I’m so glad you found me! One of my joys in life is to capture my clients unique stories and memories. I’m a custom portrait and family photographer based in Brussels. 


Come take a journey with me

A semester before I was due to graduate, I picked up a point and shoot camera for a family summer trip in Asia and never looked back. Naturally a late bird, it was only a matter of time before photography would come into my life and reshape my entire worldview, finally giving me the platform I had been looking for to tell my stories through.

Following years of learning composition, lighting, and testing out an endless variation of shooting techniques, I began my own photography business in the fall of 1990.

For two decades, I have had the honor of connecting and translating the stories of hundreds through my lens. Through Nathalie Flahaut Photography, I served witness to proposals, marriages, graduations, births, surprise reunions and many more. And with each photoshoot, came a different story, a new opportunity to connect with someone and capture the authenticity of their emotion and experience within a single frame.



I capture your essence & beauty

When I first starting shooting portraits of people and saw other photographers works of them most of the time felt like they weren't done justice.

I always believed I could capture them at a better angle or capture their essence and beauty even more. Yes, everyone has an angle that they are photographed the best. This is always my goal when I take portraits of individuals.


Tell me your love story

I approach each wedding with a fresh eye, making your day come to life in films and photos. I want to get to know you as a couple, communicate about what’s most important to you, and get excited about your big day with you! I want to capture every detail that makes up your wedding day, the joy and emotion that surrounds you on your wedding day 


I'll reveal your family’s personality

Family portraits are passed on for generations and are the most cherished possessions in some households. They also boost self-esteem and are also fun memories.

Let’s capture all those smiles, giggles, and close moments! We’ll capture your unique family story. We’ll try to aim for those posed shots that grandma’s love, but it’s the candids that truly show your family’s personality 




  •   60 min 
  •  30 Photos 
  • 1-2 Locations
  • Digital Files Included  




  •   90 min 
  •  45 Photos 
  • Multiple Locations
  • Digital Files Included  




  •   90 min 
  •  30 Photos 
  • Multiple Locations
  • Digital Files Included  



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Nathalie Flahaut

Passionate photographer


 251 546 9442 
 630 446 8851 


 [email protected] 

Operating hours

Mon-thu: 09h30-19h30
Fri: appointment only