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About us

We are professional tattoo masters

Focusing on custom designs and artistically rendered pieces, Kung-fu tattoo quickly established itself as a shop of excellence. Bringing in talent from across the globe, Kung-fu tattoo employs artists with varying styles to accommodate any piece our clients want to get inked.

Our artists focus on different styles from Black and Grey or Color Realism to Fine Line, Neo Traditional and everything in between. Each artists individual style is meant to not only look stunning when you first get your piece but also for many years to come. With that, our artists stand behind their work. 


Get the ideal look
& your own style.

All the artist are capable of doing a great job with piercing and tattoo

We Bring Art To Life

From traditional, black and whites, portraits, to retro, neo and pop art. We have you covered, literally.

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Happy clients




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Our services

All body piercings come with 316 LBM surgical grade steel body jewelry included. 

We are a custom work tattoo shop specializing in traditional, black and whites, neo, pop art, portraits… the whole gamut of ink. To see some of the work our artists put out, please have a look below. 

Whether you want your ear, naval, tongue, brow, or whatever else you want pierced, our shop got you covered. And if you’re looking for some gauges in your ears or a micro-dermal on your body, you’ve come to the right place!

Looking for products for your new ink, piercing or micro-dermal? Come on in. And while you’re here, make sure to pick up some fresh gear like a Jerzey Ink hoodie and other accessories. 

Tattoo hourly rates

This plan includes basic tattooing services you may need for any tattoo.

 From 150€

Body piercing prices

This plan includes basic piercing services you may need for any tattoo.

 From 30€

Any tattoos under two hours are given a fixed price

Studio minimum tattoo price


Few Words from our
Valuable Customers

Our tattoo masters

Our team of tattoo artists represents true professionalism and dedication
in everything that concerns high-quality and durable tattoos.

Tony Watson

Tattoo master (founder)

Sarah Ferguson

Junior tattoo master

Sofia Gomez

Tattoo master

Request a tattoo or a piercing

To request a tattoo consultation or to book an appointment, please fill our our tattoo request form. !

+33 1 36 56 45 56


20 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 
75011 Paris


Mon-thu: 09h30 - 19h30
Fri-sat: 10h30 - 20h30