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Theme Webshop

The Perfect Theme for your Professional Online Store 

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Why Choose Theme Webshop?

Webshop is powerful, amazing and flexible. It is a professional and multipurpose bootstrap based theme for any business and website. The code is very well organized and modular, so you can build a layout with your imagination.

All the features

No code website builder
You don't require technical knowledge as you can create your web pages in a few clicks only.
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Change the look & feel of the website with customize theme options.
Variant Quick Add to Cart Popup

Improve the usability of the Product Variant easy Add to cart from list ( category) page with popup selection of variant. Your customer to add more quick add products to the cart increasing the order value and your sales.

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Category wise products search

Customers choose the desired category & find matching products during Search.

Theme Options

Change the look & feel of the website with customize theme options with few clicks.

Advance Login / Sign Up Popup

Reduce the login/signup time of your customer with new just one awesome click flow.
Dynamic Hotspot

Dynamic Image Hotspot allows you to show the hotspot on the images shown on your Odoo Website. These hotspots can be linked with the URL; hence it offers an interactive way of marketing.
  • Images Hotspots help you to link multiple information on the same image which is visible when hovered over the hotspot.
  • Encourage Customers with interactive image maps.
  • Help customers to find relevant information on the image itself.
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Product Promotion Label
Add a good promotional label to attract consumer's attention and target your advertising products.

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Product Promotion Sticker
Product Stickers are, most versatile marketing tools to catch customer attention. Design and assign Stickers to highlight features.

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Product Quick View

Access full product information without redirecting to the product page.

Shop attributes filters

Add new filter options like brands, tag, etc. With collapsible new options.

Offer Timer

Dynamic Offer Timer snippet with 3 snippet options
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Dynamic Product Snippets

Single and multi-tab customizable product sliders snippets with 7 type of unique options.
  • Product Snippets
  • Product Variant Slider
  • Best Seller Product Slider
  • Latest Product Slider
  • Category Product Slider
  • Brand Product Slider

Dynamic Brand Slider

Fully dynamic with many options (enable/disable) like show brand name, brand link, auto slider, total brands, etc. Create multiple brand sliders with your choice of brands and configurations.

Blog Slider Snippet

Showcase your selected and trending posts using the slider to catch the visitors' attention.
Ajax Mini Cart

Let us show the instant cart on your website.

10 Header Options

New Pixel Perfect variety of header options.

8 Footer Options

Most advanced design and global footer options.

Categories Snippet

Show categories with 6 design options.
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Brand Page
Let customers explore your store with all the products the selected brand.

All Brand List Page
Let customers explore your store with a brand landing page.

Dynamic FAQ Snippet
FAQ snippets let you be eligible for a collapsible question list.

Dynamic product tabs
Control your product page tabs and their dynamic content as needed with a new look and feel.

Product Image Gallery
As more you can show your product images to your customers more you get conversions with a popup image gallery with all nice options.

Shop Page Design
Change your shop page product layout with multiple options.
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Product Banner Snippet
Add your promo banners on home pages to let customers be aware of new hot deals with the slider.
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Advanced Mega Menu

It helps your customers feel new to your website. Types of the menu: Product List and Grid, Category List and Grid, Mixed Listing, Content, and Horizontal Toggle category.
Image sliders in the mega menu for promotion.

Shop Page Infinite Product Loader
Let's give a new advanced way product load time by loading them automatically as users scroll down the shop page.

Multi website Compatible
Allow to create mutliple websites.

300+ Static Snippets

30+Home Options
36+Hero Slider
21+Hero Banner
33+Shop Banner
58+About Snippets
18+Services Snippets
25+Feature Snippets
04+Portfolio Snippets
04+Price Table Snippets
11+Our Team Snippets
02+Our Client Snippets
13+Testimonials Snippets
15+Static Category Snippets
10+Static Collections Snippets
03+Static Contact Snippets
20+Call to Action Snippets
03+Countdown Snippets
11+Promotions Snippets
01+Parallax Snippets
01+FAQ's Snippets
01+Gallery Snippets
02+Tabs Snippets
01+Video Snippets

13+ Dynamic Snippets

Dynamic Hotspot Snippet
Product Banner Snippet
7 Product Snippets
7 Product Variant Slider
7 Best Seller Product Slider
7 Latest Product Slider
7 Category Product Slider
7 Brand Product Slider
3 Brand Snippet
Blog Snippet
6 Category Slider
Dynamic FAQ Snippet
Countdown Timer

37+ Stunning Layouts

Technical Help, Queries & Support

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